The Amount of Calories Burned in Each Sport

Sweat, Score, and Smile: Your Calorie-Burning Guide to CLUBWAKA Sports

Are you ready to lace up your sneakers, chase after that ball, and maybe – just maybe – give those extra calories a tough goodbye? We’ve got the scoop on how many calories you torch in each of our fantastic CLUBWAKA sports. Whether you’re a kickball enthusiast or a beach volleyball virtuoso, there’s a fun, calorie-burning experience waiting for you!

Kickball: The Classic Calorie Crusher

  • 130 lbs: 413 calories
  • 155 lbs: 493 calories
  • 190 lbs: 604 calories

Kickball isn’t just a blast from the past; it’s a calorie-burning bonanza! Who knew reliving your playground glory days could torch so many calories?

Soccer: The Stamina Sport

  • 130 lbs: 590 calories
  • 155 lbs: 704 calories
  • 190 lbs: 863 calories

Soccer is more than just a game – it’s a full-body workout that’ll have you burning calories faster than you can say “GOOOOAL!”

Softball: Swing, Run, Repeat

  • 130 lbs: 295 calories
  • 155 lbs: 352 calories
  • 190 lbs: 431 calories

Softball: where a ‘home run’ means sprinting around the bases and shedding those calories. Batter up for fitness!

Ultimate Frisbee: The Flying Fitness Frenzy

  • 130 lbs: 207 calories
  • 155 lbs: 246 calories
  • 190 lbs: 302 calories

Think Ultimate Frisbee is chill? Think again! It’s an ultimate calorie killer. Catch, run, repeat – and watch those calories fly away!

Flag Football: Tackle Those Calories

  • 130 lbs: 472 calories
  • 155 lbs: 563 calories
  • 190 lbs: 690 calories

Flag football is where strategy meets sprinting. Dodge, dash, and grab that flag – all while giving calories the slip!

Bowling: The Sleeper Calorie Burner

  • 130 lbs: 177 calories
  • 155 lbs: 211 calories
  • 190 lbs: 259 calories

Bowling might seem laid back, but those frames add up to a surprising calorie knockout. Who knew rolling strikes and spares could be such a workout?

Beach Volleyball: Sun, Sand, and Sweat

  • 130 lbs: 472 calories
  • 155 lbs: 563 calories
  • 190 lbs: 690 calories

Jump, spike, and dive in the sand. Beach volleyball is not just a game – it’s a beachy calorie burn!

Indoor Volleyball: Court the Calories Away

  • 130 lbs: 236 calories
  • 155 lbs: 281 calories
  • 190 lbs: 345 calories

Indoor volleyball: where you jump, dive, and spike away calories – all in the comfort of not being sunburned!

So, there you have it – your calorie-burning guide to CLUBWAKA sports. Whether you’re in it for fitness, fun, or both, we’ve got a game for you. Remember, these numbers are averages based on body weight. For more details and insights, check out the source of our data at the Wisconsin Department of Health here.

Ready to join the fun and fitness? Sign up for a CLUBWAKA league today and let the calorie-burning games begin!