Making sure we're all on the same page!

CLUBWAKA leagues use these standard rules below unless otherwise noticed by the league or city to account for local regulations, policies, etc.
League and/or city rules always supersede these standard rules.
For questions, please contact your local League & Social Manager or shoot us a message using our contact form.

  • Asset 16
    Official Kickball Rules
  • Asset 16
    (future) Kickball Policies
  • Volleyball-White
    (future) Volleyball Rules 4v4
  • Volleyball-White
    (future) Volleyball Rules 6v6
  • Soccer-White
    (future) Soccer Rules 7v7
  • Soccer-White
    (future) Soccer Rules 10v10
  • Dodgeball-White
    (future) Dodgeball Rules
  • Softball-White
    (future) Softball Rules
  • Football-White
    (future) Flag Football Rules
  • frisbee
    (future) Ultimate Frisbee Rules
  • cornhole (2)
    (future) Cornhole Rules 5v5
  • cornhole (2)
    (future) Cornhole Rules 7v7
  • cornhole (2)
    (future) Captains’ Responsibilities
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