Rock, Paper, Scissors

Brian and Jennifer don’t know exactly how many sports they’ve participated in or seasons they’ve played with CLUBWAKA.  The math is a little fuzzy.  But,  when it comes to relationship stats and numbers, they’re like QuickBooks powered by Excel.  Rock Paper Scissors, and it looks like Jennifer will do the talking.  “We started dating about ten days after meeting and knew it was long-term about two weeks later,” reveals Jennifer.  ✊🫱✌️

She says there was an immediate attraction. However, this eternal flame took a hot minute to heat up and get going.  “We were introduced by a mutual friend at the sponsor bar after our teams played against each other.   But Brian didn’t have enough “liquid courage” to carry on much of a conversation,” says Jennifer.  Where Brian may lack in small talk and ice-breaking, he makes up in magical and memorable moments.

We’ll fast forward through all the dating stuff and skip right to the part where it’s time to pop the question.  During the draft season that summer, their teams were playing against one another on a particular evening.  Brian shot Jennifer some “friendly fire” in the form of a shiny rock.  Rock Paper Scissors but 💍🫱✌️

“The part that made it even better (that I found out later) was the planning he put in beforehand with the help of the WAKA community,” explains Jennifer.  Yup, it was all fixed.  Brian messaged all the captains before the draft that summer telling them to make sure he and Jennifer ended up on different teams.  He also made a call to the League Commissioner to request that his team play Jenifer’s team the very last week.  He even phoned the head referee so he could guarantee that he and Jennifer would be the two to do a little Rock, Paper, Scissors before the game.  That’s when he shot the “rock.”  Smart guy!  “He also had coordinated multiple friends to take pictures and video and another to play our song from the sideline speaker.”

Jennifer, you can go ahead and sit back and relax.  It sounds like Brian can do all this wedding planning on his own.  He sure covers all the bases!!  Like our “Love on Deck” stories, these two didn’t join CLUBWAKA looking for romance.  It was a bonus.  Jennifer also has some advice for the shy guy.  “If you’re looking to make the first move, a little “liquid courage” can go a long way!”

The takeaway from this: there is an “i” in team.  The “I do!”  And, if Brian’s well-choreographed proposal is any indication, then Virginia really is for lovers.

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