Sales Management Lead

Job Description & Requirements

Richmond, VA

Our Sales Management Lead will remotely oversee our ~30 city managers to help keep everything on track and help achieve our mission to connect fun people for lifelong friendships by running fun co-ed sports, parties, and events.

CLUBWAKA's been growing stronger than ever these last couple of years and we're looking for someone to add fuel to that fire. Do you measure success by helping your team reach new heights? Do you jump in and roll up your sleeves to get into deep coaching? When you wake up, do you look in the mirror and know that today's the day you’ll get the job done? If the idea of doing this with a fun company gets you all tingly, then read on, friend.


Key Activities

  • Prepare and lead regular meetings encouraging best practice communications.
  • Lead market sales efforts and goals with coordination of the Talent Development team
  • Set annual sales targets with executives and manage and update KPIs
  • Ensure quarterly all-member parties in every market
  • Promote sales of regional and national sponsorships


Key Attributes

Fun: Someone who exudes positivity and makes others feel appreciated. We want someone who people can't wait to spend time with and who embodies our "Live Fun" core value by not taking themselves too seriously.

Initiative: Proactive, solution-oriented, and acts without constant oversight. Will make things happen, not just watch things. Recognizes revenue and pipeline issues and opportunities, and effectively creates plans to maintain and exceed performance expectations. Focuses on tasks they can control rather than obstacles they cannot.

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving: Demonstrates the ability to analyze problems and determine the correct actions to take. Knows when to ask for help and can allocate resources effectively to tackle tasks with the right priority.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Works within the different scheduling needs of remote teams while supporting comprehensive team communications. Willing and able to travel as needed to events, conferences, and markets.

Teamwork: Works well with all members of the team including active listening and respectful written and verbal communication. Places the interests of the team and organization above personal interests. Willing and able to coach a team up to meet performance expectations and call out underperformance.

Communications:  Must be able to communicate with any and all team members in an appropriate, effective manner via all methods and platforms.

Project Management: Demonstrates strong organizational skills, creates detailed plans and organizes resources effectively to achieve goals. Guides the team through the plan and provides support to ensure objectives are met.


  • Located in central or Southeast VA
  • Minimum BA/BS degree
  • 3+ Years sales management experience
  • 2+ Years leading a remote team
  • Experienced with Google suite
  • Comfortable with and active on social media
  • Consistent/quality internet connection

As part of the application process, please submit a cover letter that includes the phrase "fun, loving personality" in a creative and natural way to showcase your attention to detail and communication skills.


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