I mean, with the names Amber and Kameron, you must wonder if they thought about combing it to Amberon? The answer is no. It’s Kamber.

“When we got married, the announcer introduced us as Kamber by accident. It stuck ever since.”

But their marriage partnership only recently carried over to the kickball field in Tucson, where they play on the “B Team.” A team mostly filled with couples. Kameron started playing kickball back in 2013. Amber is a newbie and has only played a couple of seasons so far. There’s a reason for that.

“She wouldn’t even come out to watch because she thought she was bad luck,” says Kameron.

“Seriously, every game I went to, they lost. [The team] would go like 3 seasons undefeated. I would show up, and they would lose. I’m like that’s it, I’m staying home,” Amber added.


Let’s see if her luck works the other way, too — in a good way.

Mike: Ok, let’s play a game. I’ve interviewed a few couples for this series. From this quote, see if you can guess who I’m talking about. It’s about playing kickball with the significant other.  

“I hate it. He’s so competitive almost to a fault. It’s so irritating for me sometimes. Like, is it that big of a deal? I’m competitive, too but I just go out there to enjoy it,”

“I would say that’s  Nikki & Ray ,” Amber replied. Ding, ding, ding! And there’s the proof she has good luck too. We should mention that the “B Team” is one of the most winning and most competitive. But, Kamber doesn’t get all worked-up at others or their own mistakes on the field.

“I think it’s fun. We’re supportive of one another. I’m more critical of myself when I mess up, and Kameron’s like, no it’s fine, don’t worry about it,“ says Amber.

“There was a time we took a break because it was just becoming too competitive,” Kameron added.

Amber became more interested in playing kickball after an end-of-season party she attended with Kameron. Though only two seasons in, she’s got the smack-talk down

“We just had an all-star game, and Kameron and I were on different teams for that. That was a lot of sh*t talking. I’m mean. At one point, I distracted him while he was kicking because our son was on the field, and I would yell, “where’s our son?” and he would be like, what? what?”

Dirty player! However, we’ll let it slide, considering how she was the best wife ever when their son Maddox first entered the world.

“We had our son in 2014, and I stayed home and let him have all the fun.
Maddox was born on a Tuesday, Kickball was on Thursday, and Kameron went to kickball that Thursday, and I was totally cool with it.”

FUN FACT: When Maddox first started attending kickball games, Kamber would fill up a wagon with toys and other things he would need to stay occupied.

Not long after, other parents began doing the same. Who knew the third wheel would pave the way for the wagon brigade?


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