10 Questions to Ask Your New CLUBWAKA Friends

We’ll guess that one in 20 or 30 men and 0ne in 20 or 30 women who play a sport in CLUBWAKA was a groomsman or bridesmaid at a fellow player’s wedding. That’s a big deal, especially if you’ve only been with CLUBWAKA for a few years. It means you “scored a lot” of points and maximized connections in our social club. So how do you strengthen friendships?  10 question to Ask your New CLUBWAKA friends will help!  There are way more than ten questions to ask your new CLUBWAKA friends. But we’ve narrowed the list to some of the most unique or thought-provoking. 

You’ll notice that many of these 10 questions to ask your new CLUBWAKA friends are “open-ended” questions. It is a question in which the person answering can’t reply with a simple yes or no. An example and comparison lie below.

Do you like ice cream?

What kind of ice cream do you like? 

The second question looks similar to the first question, but the phrasing begs for a complex answer. Timing and approach are both important. Both need to synch. We’re a social club, and you’re here to be social, right? Without further ado, here are the 10 questions to ask your new CLUBWAKA friends (and the reason why).

1. What do you think is the best way to resolve conflict?

Conflict will arise at one point or another at work, at home, or on the field. They say 10 percent of life is what happens to you and the other 90 percent is how you deal with it. That said, just the mere talking about this topic starts to build a stronger friendship. But it also gives you and the other person resolution tips they may not know yet.

2. When have you felt the proudest?

We don’t stay humble by not talking about our proudest moments because we’d end up in a world full of uninspired people. Having someone share their proudest moment gives you insight into their world and what’s important. It’s a powerful question as it can hint at many things in life, including what you should be doing for a living.

3. What do you think you’ll be like in old age?

Granted, you’re nowhere near old age, but what a fun question! Play your cards right, and the person you ask this question to might be a lifelong friend.

4. What is something you wish someone in CLUBWAKA had told you initially? 

No one likes to learn the hard way. So help yourself by asking this question, especially if you’re a newer player and you’re talking with a more senior player. Everyone has a perspective and story attached to their experience. Being in a social club is equally as much about helping someone out.

5. What makes your blood boil?

When you hear the answer to this question, you learn a significant fact about the person you’re asking. That knowledge can help you understand a person’s deeper layers. Try not to put a lot of expectation on the answer. A world problem may bother one person, while a “first-world problem” may annoy another. Both are fair.

6. If your bucket list could only have three to-do items, what would they be? 

You’ll thank us later in the off-chance that you share a common item with the person. You’ll have more reason to get it done. Or, maybe you’ll add to your list based on the person’s answer.

7. What age was the most challenging for you thus far, and why? 

The struggle is real! We live in a brutal world. Maybe the challenge age for the person is happening right now, and you might be the source of hope and encouragement. Or, sometimes, it’s good to reflect upon a challenging time to see how you measure up and compare now. Is life better?

8. How do you think you’ll know when success hits? 

While society says success is determined by money and power, it isn’t. At least, not for all of us. While success for many includes the trajectory of their careers, the job of another person may not be part of their success measurement. The truth is, we all have to decide what success looks like individually. When you ask another person this question, you get an answer that is a perspective other than your own. This question is also pretty impressive because it’s not too over the top or challenging to answer, but it’s not a piece of cake either.

9. What’s the worst decision you’ve ever made?

Brace yourself — some answers may cause you to scratch your head and think, “that can’t be the worst decision.” But for that person, it is and was. Let them have it. When you ask this question, it pushes the person answering into a vulnerable state. Vulnerability can be a great learning moment. Try to follow it up with something encouraging. A simple “Well, I” m glad we’re both here at CLUBWAKA” will do.

10. If you could make anyone’s life better, whose would it be, and how would you do it? 

Once you ask this question and your friend has answered. Have them ask it back to you. It’s amazing how good we can feel thinking of how we could improve someone’s life. You might even catch yourself smiling.

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