What Happened in Vegas…

What Happened in Vegas Is Lovely

What happened in VegasWhat happened in Vegas gets shared beyond Nevada’s border this time because it’s another amazing “Love on Deck” story.  His name is Alex. Her name is Jill.  They both had something in common right from the get-go.  Love wasn’t on the radar for either when they joined the kickball league.  At least for like the first 15 minutes.  “It was love at first sight for Alex, but it took me some time to figure it out,” she says.  Now, what happened on their first date, stays on their first date.   However, the two did exchange WORDS on their second date in March of 2020.  

Alex: “I’m going to marry you.”
Jill:  “You’re probably not wrong.”

We have a feeling they’re both right! 🤭  Their love story really “kicked off” (yes, we see what you did there, Jill & Alex) a year before that second date through their team jobs.  Jill was the Commissioner of one of the kickball leagues, and Alex volunteered for what the couple says is the “ever-hated” Equipment Manager position.  “Alex didn’t care what the job entailed; he was excited to work closely with me,” said Jill.  

Cue the Church Bells 

Fast forward a bit, and if falling in love is a “sin” in their city, they are headed straight to CHURCH.   Yup, they are tying the knot in September of this year.  The sparkle isn’t just in their eyes; it’s on Jill’sWhat happened in Vegas left hand too!  They say falling in love was a bonus in joining CLUBWAKA, and the two have some words of advice for others who may or may also find a partner in CLUBWAKA.

“We’d advise newer CLUBWAKA couples to stay away from the drama and politics. Just focus on your relationship first and the social sport second.”  Speaking of teammates, this couple also has an incredible roster for their big day in September.   Four of Alex’s six groomsmen are friends from kickball, and two of Jill’s six bridesmaids are friends from the playing field.  

What Happened in Vegas Gave Some Love to a Job Too

Alex & Jill – we at CLUBWAKA wish you two a lifetime of happiness.  We are thrilled and honored you found love through Kickball. 💘💘💘

On a side note, we’ll just assume that the “ever-hated” Equipment Manager position will have a waiting list now that we know it brings about the happily “ever after.” 

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