Not Love at First Sight

Not Love at First Sight Can Still Lead to Mr. Right

Megan & Matt take a wedding photo with a kickball. The two met while playing in a league through CLUBWAKA.

Perhaps it’s a good thing Matt didn’t pick up on the hints Megan dropped while attempting to flirt on the field in Tulsa.   He might still be on first base.  “I was always short with him and looked the other way,” says Megan.  There’s a reason Oklahoma’s state motto is “Labor Omnia Vincit,” Latin for “Hard Work Conquers All.”  

She eventually agreed to see him off the field. How he eventually got past the second base is anyone’s guess given the details of that first date. “He said he knew I was going to be the one. I was very reserved and sort of shy. He is the total opposite,” says Megan.  “He was nervous talking. I tried to respond back to him, but he never stopped long enough for me to say something.”   But Matt knew he needed someone like Megan to balance each other out.  It worked.  They’ve been married six years and now have two little boys. with kids.  

Not Looking for Love

Like the other couples we’ve featured this month, neither Megan nor Matt joined CLUBWAKA looking for love.  Though being a mom and dad doesn’t leave them time to participate in sports currently, Megan recalls how it helped them grow stronger as a couple when they were playing kickball together.  “I think it is so great for a marriage to have something you and your spouse can both enjoy.  Especially a sports event that requires teamwork and also lets you make friends together.”  

CLUBWAKA Plays Cupid

If you’re still not convinced that CLUBWAKA can play Cupid for you too, as we close out our Love on Deck series, here’s one final fact from Megan shared with us.  Seven other couples developed during the time they were playing and are also now happily married.  
Does that persuade you to come “play the field?”