Marriage Proposal. And, It’s About Time!

Marriage Proposal: No Diggity

The marriage proposal, made to the tune of Backstreet’s “No Diggity,” took place on a Rhode Island kickball field less than three weeks ago. But Jesse Smith and Nicole Jacinto are way past second base. They’re rounding third, looking at houses, and once they’ve slid into home base, they’ll plan the wedding and for a kid.   No diggity, you think this is one very quick “kickball” game. But hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, there is a perfectly good explanation.  The timing of it all is just right.  First, let’s watch the instant replay of that marriage proposal on the field in the second inning.


Once Upon A Timing

Though Nicole suspected a proposal was in the works, she figured he would pop the question in June, not May. But they both know a thing or two about timing, especially perfect timing. They met four years ago and started dating briefly but couldn’t find a rhythm. “We tried dating before, but different things in life happened. I went to basic training last year, and I said when I get back, we’re gonna do this,” said Jesse. Nicole adds, “We dated for a few months when we first met, and then the timing wasn’t right. But we’ve always kind of stayed in each other’s life through kickball or through friends.” 

So, technically, Jesse & Nicole have only been dating for just under a year this time around – since last August. While Jesse was in basic training for the Army Reserves, he received some intelligence from the home front that the timing was, in fact, right. 

“When we could finally start getting mail there…like I gave a bunch of people my address but the first person to send me anything there was Nicole. Before my mom, before my dad, before my friends….it was a nice care package too. It wasn’t just a letter. Right then and there I was like — definitely! I took that as a good sign,” said Jesse. 

Meanwhile, at home, Nicole couldn’t stop thinking about Jesse — anticipating the impending relationship that would soo begin..again. “Even right before he left, I texted him and said, ‘I have a question.’ And, he replied, ‘Is it how we can never get the timing right?’ And I’m like, ‘yup,'” Nicole said. 

The Day They Met

Since we know what happens next, we’ll have a go back a little farther for the next replay — into the 2018 archives.  Take me way back to the day you two met playing kickball and the first time you laid eyes on each other. What was that like? 

Nicole (to Jesse): “I think I saw you from in the field.”

Jesse: “So, after the games, we’d go to Fountain Street Grill, that’s our sponsor bar. A guy named Tom who is still on our team pointed her out to me and said that girl likes gauges and mohawks – which is what I had at the time. Not even 20 seconds later, she walked up to me.” 

Nicole: “He was wearing a shirt…so I play in Worcester as well, sometimes. So he had a Worcester shirt on and I poked him in the back and said “Do you play in Worcester?” (she and Jesse both laugh) “And that’s how I broke the ice.” 

This should come as no surprise, but like the 99.9% of the other CLUBWAKA couples who met on the kickball field, love was not aforethought. Instead, it was a bonus. “I just joined because this league was close to my house, and I was looking to make friends,” said Nicole. As for Jesse, “I was just looking to do something, change it up…because I like to play sports. I found out adult kickball was a thing and was like, huh.” 

Saving the Dating 

The couple points out they got engaged three days after the first time they met four years ago. They sure know how to maximize the month of May! Lastly, if you’re wondering why the timing wasn’t right for these two in the past, think Ross & Rachael from the hit TV show Friends, and you have your answer. Except, add in some Phoebe, too, because, in Nicole & Jesse’s case, they’re each other’s lobster.  And, in 2023, they’ll officially become Mr. & Mrs. Smith (not the couple from the movie, though!) There. Now you’re caught up.

   Searching for love, friends, sports, fun?  You’re in the right place.  Our summer leagues still have openings.