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CLUBWAKA offers the most fun and social 21+ coed sports leagues across the United States! At CLUBWAKA, the key to our success is a focus on the social aspect of our sports leagues. Players in CLUBWAKA activities have numerous opportunities to connect with new people throughout each season, allowing them to make new friends throughout the league and keeping them coming back to CLUBWAKA season after season.

League City
5v5 Coed Social Bowling Wednesdays at Revolutions
Oct 28, 2020    
Hartford Register
5v5 Coed Social Bowling Thursdays at Revolutions
Oct 29, 2020    
Hartford Register
5v5 Coed Social Bowling Sundays at Revolutions
Nov 1, 2020    
Hartford Register
5v5 Coed Social Bowling Mondays at Revolutions
Nov 2, 2020    
Hartford Register
5v5 Coed Social Bowling Tuesdays at Revolutions
Nov 3, 2020    
Hartford Register

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No Team? No Problem! Free Agents, Small Groups and Full Teams are welcome. Unlike many other Rec Sports leagues, with CLUBWAKA you don’t need to round up a full team to join the fun. CLUBWAKA accepts Free Agents and Small Groups and we’ll match you up with a team that fits your competitive and social preferences!

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