Wednesday Kickball Draft League at Barnett Park

Welcome to CLUBWAKA Orlando's 3rd DRAFT STYLE Kickball Season! 

Scout. Pick. Play. Conquer! That is the name of the game for veteran and newcomers wanting to start their own franchise and prove their capable of building a winning legacy!

The Draft is an opportunity for players at all skill levels to compete with and against balanced teams and get a shot at the title! The last drafts were very close competitions with the lower seed teams upsetting the top seeds and ultimately going on to win the Championship. This next round is sure to be even more exciting as all new teams are built and more prospective champions are added to the mix.

**CONTEST ALERT** FREE SEASON for the player that recruits the most NEW players.

Please email with the names of your new recruits. Winner will be announced week 2 after registration closes.

CLUBWAKA Kickball is one of the best ways to meet new people whether you're new in town or looking to branch out! Searching for Mr./Mrs. Right? Want to network professionally? Looking for new fun ways to stay active? Or do you just want to meet new people and have a good time? If you answered yes to any of these, then CLUBWAKA Kickball is for you!

This will be a whole Draft Spectacle, 8 weeks of kickball, and a dedicated league-wide sponsor bar for weekly post-game festivities, allowing players numerous opportunities to connect with each other throughout each season.

  • There will be a minimum of 7 games and one tournament night. Games will be at 7:00 and 8:00.
  • This league plays with 10 in the field and no male bunting. It is perfect for beginners and vets alike!
  • After the games, CLUBWAKA Kickballers will enjoy food and specials at sponsor bar, TBD!
  • SIGN UP EARLY AND SAVE: CLUBWAKA Leagues offer tiered pricing, meaning the earlier you sign up, the more you can save! 
  • No team? No Problem! With CLUBWAKA, you don't need to round up a full team to join the fun. The Draft Style lets the free agents flourish, play and learn alongside more veteran players



Snake Draft Style at Cavo's

JAN 5th -- THE COMBINE - OPEN PLAY/SCOUTING DAY! (All players should want to get exposure on this day. We will play round robin 35 minute games. Captains will be marking down who they want for their teams and proceeding to make their picks in the snake draft after the games at Cavo's. Those volunteering or chosen to be Captains please come prepared.)  Those that cannot make the combine, will be randomly drawn from a hat and placed on a team.

JAN 12TH -- WEEK 1


Sponsor Bar: Cavo's Bar and Kitchen

Please reach out if you're interested in being a captain for the draft or a corporation wanting to introduce your employees to some great recreational wellness and team building fun!

What if it rains?  We love and laugh at this question all the time.  WE LIVE IN FLORIDA, it always rains.  If it is raining when your game is scheduled, we play.  If lightning kicks up and it's no longer safe, we will go on a rain delay. DO NOT LEAVE THE FIELDS.  Seek shelter in your car or one of the gorgeous bathrooms on the property. The ONLY time we cancel kickball is when there is a hurricane DIRECTLY on top of us. 



If you have any questions, please contact your Commissioner directly.

Chris Cunningham

League Service Manager