Saturday Kickball at Gonzales Park

You can find links to the official league rules on the website at


�· Games last 7 innings or One hour.

�· 10 players in the field: 6 male, 4 female.

�· 4 Balls = Walk. If 4 balls on 4 pitches, 2 Base walk.

�· 3 Strikes = Out. 3 Fouls = Out.

�· Strikes are not Fouls.


Males may not bunt. If the ball is kicked on the ground, it must go past the line between

1st and 3rd base. If the ball is touched by a defensive player before it crosses the line it

will be considered a foul ball.

If the ball is kicked in the air and is touched by a defender before the line while still in

the air, it is a fair ball and play resumes.


Ball must be released below the waist, underhand, with no spin. Balls do roll forward.

Spin moves a ball in other directions.