National Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

Welcome to CLUBWAKA's online National Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament. Teams from all over the country will compete in a double elimination tournament to raise money for their favorite local businesses. All matches will take place online via Zoom. Registration is open for full teams and individual free agents (placement will be on a first come first served).

Registration: June 16 to July 6
Tournament: July 7 to July 30*

Competition Format: 5v5, each match is best of 7 games
Schedule Format: Games Tuesday to Thursday, EVENING TIMES (your time zone)*
Tournament Format: Team head to head Double Elimination
Registration: $15 per player
Teams: Minimum 5 players, maximum 8
Platform: Zoom

Prizes: 1st and 2nd place teams will win cash prizes paid out in gift cards/certificates from their local business of choice. Championship shirts will also be provided for the winning team. Final value of prize payouts will be based on total number of participating teams.

Each day select games will be streamed via FB LIVE and YOUTUBE LIVE!

*please note that your team will not have to compete every day. We will work with each team to schedule games at the team's most convenient times. Teams should expect up to 2 scheduled matches per week, and then increasing in frequency near the final week of tournament play. We will coordinate with all teams to make sure to avoid any forfeits.


  • All teams must have a minimum of 5 players registered and present to compete.  Up to 8 players can be registered per team.  There are no gender requirements.
  • Players must be able to log in to Zoom via computer or mobile device. Each match requires teams to have a minimum of 5 players present on their own Zoom window.  If you have multiple people in a household, you CAN share one device.
  • Should a team be short players for any match, another player may go multiple times, but cannot do so in consecutive order.  You are also welcome to bring a substitute player.
  • Players must designate and wear a uniform team color (all colors except for red)
  • Players will have to create 3 weapon sheets/cards.  Each individual sheet/card will feature a visual representation of a rock, sheet of paper, or a pair of scissors.   Be as creative as you want.   Each sheet must look the same on the blank side.
  • During match duel, player will choose their weapon of choice during the host countdown, holding the blank side facing the camera.  And the end of the countdown player will flip their sheet/card over to reveal their weapon.
  • Standard RPS hierarchy:  rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock..
  • All matches will be best of 7 games.   Each match will feature 2 teams competing in one Zoom room, and monitored by a CLUBWAKA game host.  (match is est. 15-20 minutes)
  • Camera window view must display the player and be close enough to clearly showcase weapon.
  • Prior to matches, teams must submit player order in advance.  
  • Match host will make all final calls regarding any discrepancies.  


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