Coed Social Flag Football Sundays at Mill Pond Park

CLUBWAKA is excited to bring back our fun ultimate frisbee league to Mill Pond Park. Make some highlights of your own on the Football field! CLUBWAKA brings games, parties, and friends together into one national sport and social club. With more and more people to meet, great parties, tournaments, and events throughout the U.S., there's never been a better time to join CLUBWAKA!

  • Games are played on Sunday mornings at Mill Pond Park. 
  • Registration cost is per person and includes a minimum of 6-games, league shirt, discount on food and beverage on game nights, and an end of season party.
  • All teams make the playoffs and will be seeded based on their regular-season record.
  • Please review the Flag Football Rules.
  • This is a co-ed league. 5 males, 5 females and 14 players overall are required for each team! You must meet all three team minimums BEFORE the league becomes password protected to ensure free agents are NOT added to your team. If you do NOT meet the three requirements, the coordinator can and will add free agents/friends groups to your team in order to meet the league requirements.
  • You can play with a minimum of 6 players, with at least 2 females but never more than 5 males.
  • You can join with a full team, a small group, or as an individual free agent. 
  • Majority of players shirts will be handed out week 1, before the first games. If you registered up to 72 hours prior to the season, you'll get your shirt week 2.
  • The season schedule will be posted approximately 1 week before our first games.
  • If games are cancelled, a league email will be sent out by 8:30AM. If you do not receive an email, games are ON!
  • The season schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather and other factors beyond our control.
  • All participants must be 21 or older.

Teams with 3+ forfeits during the regular season do not make the playoffs. Otherwise, all team are eligible and make them!

Please check out our Covid guidelines for safety in all our leagues. This is a live document that we update based on updates to the local, state and national guidelines.

Captains - remember to submit your scores using this link.

If you have any questions, please send an email to


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