Coed Social Bowling Sundays in Hampton

##Duration##8 weeks
##Blackout##Feb 13, 2022


  • Teams will consist of 6 players with at least 2 of each gender
  • Each team will roll two games per night
  • For each game, the team's top 4 scores (must include a minimum of 1 male and 1 female score) of participating bowlers count toward the team's pin total. 
  • Standings are based on the highest team pin total, which is a sum of team scores from each game. 
  • The playoffs will take place over two weeks of games under the same game play and scoring rules as the regular season. 
  • For a full list of rules and guidelines, please visit the CLUBWAKA Hampton Roads Rules


  • Everyone is guaranteed a place on a team. We won't turn you away.  Free agents can join; no need to worry about bringing your own team.
  • Our bowling seasons last 8 weeks; just enough time to make new friends but not get bored.  No long season commitments. 
  • Teams are guaranteed 2 games each week.  Great specials if you want to bowl more.
  • No annual fees to join CLUBWAKA.  Just pay for the season that you play.
  • Parties are thrown every season that include complimentary drinks, food & beverage discounts, entertainment, and more!  All players registered to a local CLUBWAKA league at the time are invited!
  • Most importantly, CLUBWAKA has the best parties, best games, and best friends.


  • League Rate: All league members receive discounts on bowling throughout the week (requires free Players Club Card from Sparetimes)
  • $2/game Monday through 5 pm Friday (shoes not included)
  • $15 Glow Bowl (normally $20) late night Friday/Saturday
  • $2/game the rest of Friday and Saturday



  • 11/30 - Early Bird Deadline
  • 1/3 - Regular Pricing Expires
  • 1/9 - Preseason Meet & Greet/Open Bowl
  • 1/9 - Team Registration Deadline
  • 1/16 - Opening Day
  • 2/13 - BYE WEEK: Super Bowl Sunday
  • 3/6 - Playoffs Round 1
  • 3/13 - Playoffs Round 2