6v6 Coed Social Bowling Thursdays at Spins Bowl Poughkeepsie


Come join CLUBWAKA's Co-Ed Bowling league in Poughkeepsie!

  • 5 week regular season.

  • All teams playoffs on the 6th Thursday. 

  • Players can pre-bowl if they can't make a week.

  • There are NO subs allowed.

  • Teams will bowl two games a night. A total of 3 points can be won, 1 for each game and 1 for total pins.  

  • Bowling shoes are required. 

  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be met with a ZERO tolerance policy!

  • View the Bowling Rules here.

  • Team requirements are: 6 players, 2 males, 2 females.

  • You must meet all three team minimums BEFORE the league becomes password protected to ensure free agents are NOT added to your team. If you do NOT meet the three requirements, the coordinator can and will add free agents/friends groups to your team in order to meet the league requirements.

  • Don't have a full team? No worries. You can sign up as a team, a small friend group, or a free agent. CLUBWAKA is a great way to get your friends and co-workers together or to just meet new people!

Teams with 3+ forfeits during the regular season do not make the playoffs. Otherwise, all teams are eligible and make them!


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