Kickball Know-it-all? Take the quiz.

Kickball-know-it-all or kickball almost-all?  Some ground rules for the quiz: If you’re stumped, make your best guess.  You can look up the answers you missed, if any, at the end.  Hopefully, you know a thing or two about CLUBWAKA and a thing or 10 about kickball overall.

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Kickball was played during World War II.  American War correspondent, Ernie Pyle, reported it being played by U.S. soldiers during the Tunisia Campaign, 1942–43.  It was promoted as an informal game to the troops by the United States Department of the Army as early as 1943. In this variant of the game, all kicks had to be home runs, by beating the kicked ball back to home after consecutive passes to all basemen before throwing them out at home.  Source: Wikipedia. 

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CLUBWAKA started back in 1998 when for the first couple of years, all kickball games were played in Washington, DC at the base of the Washington Monument. Then WAKA spread like wildfire across the USA.

It was in the early 2010s, when WAKA started running other fun adult sports leagues such as dodgeball, volleyball, and bar games like cornhole – that’s when the name was updated to incorporate the social club that it is alongside its roots. While most amateur sports leagues focus on the sport and competition and don’t have dedicated staff at every game building the community, CLUBWAKA has always been first and foremost a social club, which happens to play adult sports and games together.


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