Donuts are FREE on June 3rd at these Restaurants Nationwide

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Donuts of any kind will usually suffice. Donuts of the free kind are a no-brainer. Friday, June 3rd, is the first of two National Donut Days for 2022.  June 3 and November 5th are two of the yummiest days of the year.  However, most people consider the Donuts are freeJune donut day to be the one that counts.  The Salvation Army actually started this food holiday and tradition back in 1938 to honor the salvation army “doughnut lassies” who served the treats to soldiers during World War I.

If that’s not reason enough to keep a tradition going, then try these statistics.  First, the US produces and sells a billion donuts a year.  Two of them were eaten by our own CLUBWAKA players.  And, according to a survey done by National Today, 96% of Americans admit to liking donuts.  Without further ado, here are some of the places you can enjoy a donut on the house on Friday, June 3rd.


Enjoy a free classic donut from stores around the country when you purchase any drink at Dunkin’ Donuts on June 3rd.  Classic donuts include Boston Kreme, Glazed, Glazed Chocolate, Jelly-Filled, and more.


Even though they discontinued the birthday cake doughnut (heaven to the taste) they have so many other wonderful choices.  Buy any dozen donuts from them today and you’ll also get a free t-shirt (while supplies last).


Donut specials happen quite a bit at Krispy Kreme so it’s not surprising you’ll get a free one Friday on National Donut Day.  Last year, the national chain would allow anyone vaccinated to get two free donuts.  But it’s back to just one donut per person this year.


If you are a savvy shopper, then you might’ve been getting a free donut at Tim Horton’s since the 30th of May.  The officer is for the restaurant’s rewards members who use the app or online option to buy donuts.  They’ll get a free donut with their next purchase for shopping digitally this week.


You also have to be a rewards member at 7-Eleven to take advantage of the buy one get one special on Donuts today.  But you have until the 5th of June to enjoy the promotion (in-store only).   Speedway and Stripes stores are also part of this promotion.

Need to work off some calories after National Donut Day?  Summer leagues are still looking for players.  Check the listings in your city.