Grab your green and get ready to join us on Sunday, March 20th for a fantastic day of cornhole, cider, food, and entertainment at Sly Clyde Ciderworks! Get your mates together and sign up for the LEPRE-CORNHOLE tournament today. Your registration includes 3 guaranteed matches plus playoffs for top qualifiers, a drink ticket, discounts on select ciders throughout the day, and charity donation. Proceeds from this event will benefit Here for the Girls, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of young women affected by breast cancer.
  • DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 30th; 11a-4p
  • LOCATION: Sly Clyde Ciderworks
  • COST: $25/30/35 – Sign up earlier and save
  • INCLUDES: 3 guaranteed games plus playoffs for qualifying teams, free cider, and discounts on additional drinks, plus charity donation

We’re kicking the red rubber ball and raising money to help local animals find loving families through Operation Paws for Homes. Join us for a great day of kickball for a great cause! 
  • DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 20th; 9a-4p
  • LOCATION: Hermitage High School – Turf Fields
  • COST: $25/35/45 – Sign up earlier and save
  • INCLUDES: 3 guaranteed games plus playoffs for qualifying teams and charity donation

Dry January?


It’s time to crawl through Phoebus with your friends and support a great cause. Not only will you find some of Hamptons finest bars and restaurants along the crawl, but there is also some retail business’s too joining in too!

  • DATE/TIME: Saturday, January 29th; 1p-5p
  • LOCATION: Phoebus, Hampton, VA
  • COST: $18 – Sign up earlier and save
  • INCLUDES: Exclusive specials at participating bars, breweries, and shops, souvenir lanyard, and charity donation. 
  • BENEFITS: A portion of every ticket sold will benefit The Peninsula Foodbank. There will also be raffles for great prizes for everyone who donates non-perishable items. Let’s restock the shelves!

is getting shared beyond Nevada state lines because it’s another amazing CLUBWAKA “Love on Deck” story.  Meet Jill and Alex.  Neither was looking for love when they joined a kickball league, #oops.  “It was love at first sight for Alex, but it took me some time to figure it out,” she says.  Now, what happened on their first date, stays on their first date.   However, the two did exchange WORDS on their second date in March of 2020.  

Alex: “I’m going to marry you.”
Jill:  “You’re probably not wrong.”

We hava a feeling they’re both right! 🤭  Their love story really “kicked-off” (yes, we see what you did there, Jill & Alex) a year before that second date through their team jobs.  Jill was the Commissioner of one of the kickball league and Alex volunteered for what the couple says is the “ever-hated” Equipment Manager position.  “Alex didn’t care what the job entailed, he was excited to work closely with me,” said Jill.  

Fast forward and if falling in love is a “sin in their city,” these two are headed straight to CHURCH.   Yup, they are tying the knot in September of this year.  The sparkle isn’t just their eyes, it’s on here left hand too!  They say falling in love was a bonus in joining CLUBWAKA and the two have some words of advice for others who may or may not be looking but  end up dating a teammate.

“We’d advise newer CLUBWAKA couples to stay away from the drama and politics. Just focus on your relationship first, and the social sport second.”  Speaking of teammates, this couple also has an incredible roster for their big day in September.   Four of Alex’s six  groomsmen are friends from kickball and two of Jill’s six bridesmaids are also friends from the playing field.  Alex & Jill – we at CLUBWAKA wish you two a lifetime of happiness.  We are thrilled and honored you found love through Kickball. 💘💘💘

On a side note, we’ll just assume that “ever-hated” Equipment Manager position will have a waiting list now that we know it brings about the happily “ever-after.” 

Want to play kickball or another of your favorite sports?  Check out our leagues, locations and openings below.




    1. Maximum of 6 players on the court, 3 of each gender.
    2. Minimum of 4 players, 2 of each gender, is required to play. Having less players will result in a forfeit with a score of 0-2. Scrimmages are encouraged to utilize the scheduled time slot in the event of a forfeit.
    3. When a team has fewer than the required number of players of a specific gender available, players of one gender may not be substituted for members of another gender. For example, if a team has 6 total players and only 2 are female, the team must play short with 5 players.
    4. All players must be registered and on their team’s roster to play. Substitutes are not allowed and any team playing with a non-rostered player will forfeit the game.
    5. A player arriving late may enter play during a timeout or the normal player rotation.

    1. Self-Ref Games: Teams are expected to have integrity and sportsmanship when playing. In the event a call is made by one team and not resolved satisfactorily, the point may be replayed. Onsite staff are available to help interpret rules or mediate any discrepancies between the two teams.
    2. Head Referees: Leagues may have dedicated head refs for games. These refs will be provided by CLUBWAKA or be part of a volunteer referee program. The presence of a head ref does not relieve teams of their obligation to play with integrity and sportsmanship.
    3. Volunteer Referee Program: Volunteer refs are players in the league who are rewarded with CLUBWAKA credit for head reffing games. If you’re interested in participating in the Volunteer Referee Program, please contact your CLUBWAKA representative.

    1. Nets will be approximately between women’s and men’s volleyball net height.
    2. Each match will start with rock, paper, scissors. The winning team will have the choice of first serve or initial court side. Teams will alternate first serve and court side for subsequent games.
    3. Each match will be a best two out of three format. The first team that wins two games wins the match. Any remaining time can be used to scrimmage.
      1. Game 1/2: 21 points, win by 2, 25 point cap
      2. Game 3: 15 points, win by 2, no point cap (if time allows)
    4. Matches will be played within the allotted time slot. If a match exceeds the allotted time, the leading team that achieves 7, 15, or 21 points (depending on the progress of the game) wins that game. All unattempted games will be left unplayed.
    5. One timeout per game is allowed for each team. Timeout is 30 seconds in the regular season and 60 seconds in the playoffs.
    6. Games will be played using all-rally scoring rules and no sideouts. There is a 5 rally point max. After the 5th straight point the ball will go to the other team.
    7. The score for a match will be recorded as the overall result of games (either 2-0 or 2-1). Any scrimmage games after a team records 2 wins should not be recorded.

    1. Players must wear their league-approved t-shirt of the appropriate color for their team.
    2. Players may modify their league-approved t-shirt, provided that they do not remove or alter league or sponsor logos.
    3. Repeated violations of not wearing their league-approved t-shirt may result in a forfeit.
    4. Players must wear soft-soled, closed-toe shoes for indoor play.
  5. RULES

    1. A legal serve is one that crosses the net and is either touched by an opposing player or lands within the boundary lines of the opposing team’s court. A serve that makes contact with the net and carries over to the opponent’s side of the net is a live serve and must be returned.
    2. The service line is the farthest boundary line from the net. If a player steps over the service line while serving, they have committed a service fault. Only after contact with the ball may the server step inside the court.
    3. Players can return a serve by:
      1. Bump pass (see definition below)
      2. A closed fist
      3. A set, as long as the ball is not caught, lifted or carried
    4. A player may not block a serve.
    5. A player may not touch a served ball above the height of the net when receiving a serve.
    6. A player may reach over the net to block a ball:
      1. If any portion of the ball breaks the plane of the net.
      2. After the offense has come in contact with the ball on the third attempt.
      3. If the block does not hit the net while in motion of a play.
    7. It is a violation for a team to hit the ball 4 times before returning it. However, a legal block will not be considered a hit.
    8. No part of the body may touch the net at any time. Contact with hair or part of the uniform will not be considered a fault. Contact with the net in a manner not directly related to or affecting the course of play is not a violation.
    9. If a player crosses under the net and impacts a play or touches another player a foot fault will be called. Incidentally crossing under the net is not a penalty as long as the player doesn’t make contact or impact the play.
    10. Contact while spiking is legal only if a portion of the ball is on the spiker’s side of the net. Spikers may follow through over the net after contact, but they still cannot touch the net.
    11. A back row player may not jump above the top of the net in front of the ten foot line and hit the ball. (Attacking Fault)
    12. If hitting the ball with an open palm, the ball must be cleanly hit with no more than momentary contact. More than momentary contact will result in a call of Carrying (Palming) or Lifting which is illegal.
    13. The ball can make contact with any body part, including the foot. This means that kicking the ball counts as a legal play and must be returned. Be careful that it doesn’t hit you twice as that will result in a fault. This should be a last resort move, please do not kick your teammates or opponents.
    14. Out of bounds is the area outside the designated court line or outside the tape of the net. If the ball contacts the ground outside of the court, and hasn’t been touched by a player on the receiving court, it is out.
    15. Some facilities may also have antennas attached to the net and these will be considered out of bounds as well. If a portion of the ball crosses above the antenna, touches the antenna, or the net outside of the antenna it is out. (Antenna Fault)
    16. If the ball hits the roof and lands back on your side the ball is still active as long as another player continues play and the normal three hits are not exceeded.
    17. Players must rotate in a clockwise direction when the serve switches between teams.
    18. Substitutions will occur by rotating in as the next serve. All players must play and rotate in every game. Players are not allowed to split up into separate teams to only play specific games.
    19. In the event of an injury, a time out must be called. If the timeout is called before the end of play then a replay will occur. If the injured player cannot return to the game, then a sub will be allowed. The injured player cannot return to the current game but can return in the next game.


  • Rally Scoring:  The rally scoring system is a system that assigns a point to whichever team wins every rally. A rally is a play, so the winner of every single play wins a point. Even if the play never really gets going, a team may be awarded a point. This means even when a team misses their serve, the other team gains a point.
  • Carry:  Contact with the ball using the palm of the hand without a closed fist. Also known as palming.
  • Lift:  Contact with the ball that remains in a player’s hands for more than a moment or that is hit underhanded with an open hand.
  • Bump Pass: The bump is the basic pass in volleyball. It is used when receiving a serve or reacting to an opponent’s attack. The player should be holding his arms away from the body at a 90-degree angle with his hands together. Knees should be bent. The ball comes in contact with the lower forearms just above the wrist.
  • Block: A block occurs when a front-row player close to the net reaches higher than the net and contacts the ball as it is coming over from the opponent. 
  • Antenna Fault:  If the ball contacts the antenna or the body of the net outside of the antenna. If the ball is out and ricochets back over the antenna. 
  • Service Fault:  The service line is the farthest boundary line from the net. At the beginning of a play, if a player steps over the service line while serving, they have committed a service fault. Only after contact with the ball may the server step inside the court.


Directors and CLUBWAKA Representatives reserve the right to amend any and all of these rules, if necessary, for safe and fair play.

**All rules are subject to change: Last Updated January 2022**

For more information and to join our Coed Volleyball leagues visit or contact Brent at


Ben & Erin pose as a couple on the kickball field in 2015, a year after they met.

Unlike the temperature in Jacksonville, Florida, it took a little longer for Erin P. & Ben W.’s romance to warm up and sizzle. The two were in a summer beach kickball league. “The first night we met was my first night playing with a new team I hardly knew — and I got hit in the face with a foul ball while drinking a beer. It chipped my tooth! It was super humiliating but it worked out in the end, I guess,” remembers Erin.

While the strategy was in play on the field, it was also very much a part of playing the field and the couple’s initial courtship. “He had his friend hit on me at the bar, so then he came in to look like the good guy,” says Erin. Smart guy and smart move — he got the girl. And this wonderful couple got the boy — a bouncing baby boy last year. Erin says it’s all a bit humorous. “I totally joined WAKA to make more friends and take a break from dating.” Well, that break only lasted one season before she met Ben.

The couples’ strategy for making love work was another smart move by Ben.  During the first

Ben & Erin in 2020 with the little boy.

argument, he refused to leave until the two worked it out.

Erin has some advice for CLUBWAKA players who are looking for love (and for those who don’t know they’re about to get hit by Cupid’s arrow). “Don’t date before the third game,” she says.

Just when you thought this wonderful love story couldn’t get any cuter, get this.  Erin says she’s been in contact with some of her old teammates to start a CLUBWAKA junior league for the little ones when they’re walking and old enough. Can someone pass the tissues, please!!

Looking for love or just looking to play co-ed sports?  Head over to CLUBWAKA’s to search leagues, locations, and openings.


Join us on Saturday, December 18th for a great night of indoor volleyball while supporting The Salvation Army! Don’t let the eggnog be the only thing that’s spiked this holiday season!
  • Format: 6v6 coed (3m/3f) indoor
  • Minimum of 4-pool play games (each to 21) plus playoffs for top qualifying teams (best of three; 3rd game to 15 if necessary)
  • It’s a pizza party! Included with your registration are delicious pies from our friends at Papa John’s of Hampton Roads.
  • A portion of each registration will benefit The Salvation Army. Additionally, every player that brings a non-perishable food item will be entered into a drawing for great prizes including FREE CLUBWAKA memberships! Together we can help combat holiday hunger!
  • We want to see you all in your best holiday spirit. Come dressed in your favorite Christmas gear and get ready to ‘sleigh’ on the court!
  • We have a 12-team cap, so be sure to register early and lock in your spot! Free agents and small groups are welcome and we’ll work to find you a team.
  • Rosters: Minimum 6 players with at least 3 of each gender are required. There are no limit to how many players you may add to your team. If you have more than 6 players, you will follow standard rotation rules.

The holidays are right around the corner, so that means one thing: It’s Ugly Sweater time! Break out your best winter threads and join CLUBWAKA at AMF York Lanes on Friday, December 17th for some FREE bowling!
Attendees will receive 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental included, for FREE. There is no cost to participate and you do not need to be a current CLUBWAKA member to attend. All are welcome, 21+. We do ask that you RSVP here so we have an estimated headcount for the lanes.
We will also be collecting items for the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank. All participants are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items. Cash donations will also be accepted. Donations will help the underprivileged members of our community fight food insecurity right here in Hampton Roads. Plus for every item donated, you will be entered into a raffle for a FREE $50 CLUBWAKA gift code!
AMF York Lanes is graciously hosting this event, as well as our upcoming coed adult bowling league beginning in January. For more information about this awesome activity and to join, please visit

It’s time to don your tacky sweaters for this holiday season. Don’t ask why, because honestly, do we need a reason? O’Connor Brewing company will be pouring the beers, and we want you to bring all the cheers.
A ho-ho-horrible sweater is all you need, but bring a toy for the Tots and that’ll get you 50% off the top. The half off limit is two, so bring another and snag another discounted brew. At the end of the night there will be a prize, so don’t be a Grinch, pull out those sweaters, because winning is such a cinch.
Happy holidays to all, now let’s go have a great night!

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